Cooking Classes,Newtown,Pennsylvania

Chef Jean Pierre, Newtown PA

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Chef Jean Pierre offers:

  • Regular Classes
  • Cooking with the Chef
  • Private Parties

There are two types of classes; Regular & Cooking with the Chef.

Regular classes are held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week and consist of up to 25 people. The classes are informal, entertaining, and geared toward the home amateur cook. Jean Pierre makes each course of a complete meal directly in front of you.

Cooking with the chef classes are scheduled twice a month. These are hands on type classes for people who like to whip, stir, beat, and whisk. Limited to 12 people at a time each participant has a task to complete for each course of food. You are doing the cooking of three courses under Chef Jean Pierre’s direction and supervision. These classes are very popular and fill fast. $75.00 per person.

Private parties may be reserved for any night of the week not previously booked. You pick your own 4 course menu from a large selection of suggestions. Minimum of 10 people (Saturdays require 15 people) up to 25. $65.00 per person plus 20% gratuity.

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