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Southwest Wisconsin Tech College, Fennimore WI


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Southwest Wisconsin Tech College Offered Programs:

Graduates of the Food Production Assistant program will have the skills, knowledge, and experience to help them qualify for positions in restaurants, supper clubs, health care facilities, resorts, schools, bakeries, delis, fast food businesses, and hotels. Graduates of this program may transfer all credits to the one-year Culinary Specialist or two-year Culinary Arts and Culinary Management associate degree programs.

The Culinary Specialist program prepares students for careers as cooks or chefs in commercial and institutional food production. In the kitchen lab, students receive hands-on training and experience in all areas of basic quantity food preparation and kitchen operations. Sanitation Certification training is included in the curriculum. Graduates of this program may transfer all credits to the two-year Culinary Arts or Culinary Management associate degree programs.

The Culinary Arts program provides training in all aspects of food preparation and production, and helps students to acquire skills ranging from advanced food preparation techniques to food service management. Students learn the skills needed to be successful in this expanding and evolving industry, including quantity food preparation, nutrition, catering essentials, decorative foods, wines, baking, and gourmet dining.

The Culinary Management program prepares students to enter management and supervisory positions in restaurants, institutional and health care facilities, and the marketing segment of the food service industry. General food service skills as well as specialized training opportunities provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully train and supervise employees as well as to operate a food service establishment.

Southwest Wisconsin Tech College Location:

  • Address:1800 bronson blvd
  • Fennimore,
  • ZIP: 53809-9778
  • Tel: (608) 822-3262
  • Web:

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