Cooking Classes,Nashville,Tennessee

Belmont University, Nashville TN

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Belmont University non profit program:

  • The Cookery

The Cookery are a non-profit restaurant/cafe that trains homeless men in the Culinary Arts.

“We focus on equipping these individuals not only with a skill-set to acquire work in the local community, but we focus on the individual as a whole – walking together, pursuing a life centered in Christ.”

Today, the program welcomes as many as 90 homeless individuals twice a week, where they receive a hot meal and a safe place to sleep. Out of that, Lambscroft Ministries was born. Currently this movement also includes the establishment of two “Discipleship Houses,” occupied by formerly homeless men seeking spiritual study and community and who pay a modest monthly rent.

The Cookery, in addition to serving coffee and luncheon/dinner foods to the public, has a greater purpose. In The Cookery kitchen, Brett and Terry instill culinary crafts to select homeless individuals in order to prepare them for employment in Nashville’s food industry.

Belmont University Location:

  • Address:1900 belmont boulevard
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • ZIP: 37212-3757
  • Tel: (615) 460-6000
  • Web: